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head compactor

its one of these days, when the shower gives whater, that is just a bit too cold, the light is a tiny bit too blue and there is just enough kakao left for 1/2 cup.

Its a day, when everything one tries just goes sligthly wrong whithout being noticed. The ideas seem too insignificant to be remarked. same goes for the mistakes.
its a day, where 35 people present their homework and the students before you and after you have either very funny or ingenious projects.

Strange though, that i don't care about being bad in university. All the people here are so disturbingly trendy. They're very en vogue and do great projects. The person next to me is in stead of listening to the prof organizing a new feature for a popular website for a German movie (which she seems to be webmaster + organizer of). Right now, she inserts an advertisement for a theme ring tone. they're doing important stuff in our racing world and achieved a lot for their age.

and... i feel no envy. this fast, iron hearted and reduced life is nothing for me. i start to like my universe more than ever.

ps. just, as i sent of this page, the prof switched off the light and all the students are lighted very ghostly from their screens. im getting scared.
22.11.05 17:15

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jibundai / Website (7.12.05 22:54)
where do I know this from? *haha*
Everybody's better than you and doing great stuff you simply don't like.
I came to realize that I should do what I feel like doing and then my own things will be great in my own sense.
I was also confused by these superior students at my university who do such cool stuff (like making television movies etc.) ... I'm just not interested in.
It's like my standard/measurement changed. I'm not comparing my own work with others anymore because it's just ... different. You can't compare it.
Perhaps it's good to concentrate on your own world
It's a little bit of a cant but "You will go your way"

Strange... that was what my great-grandma told me, the last time she had a clear mind before she died one year later :/

It always confusing how your thoughts let pop out some very important realisations in my own mind.

Hey, for many years on a bridge in Berlin there stood the following graffiti:

"Und ein Schaf wird vom Himmel fallen und die Welt retten. Ach, ihr Glücklichen!"

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