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and its raining again.

for therapy, a doctor told me, I always need to have something to do. I have to be working on something and organize my day rationally.

maybe, I would start to be a happier person, heeding his advice and inviting the Grey People (Graue Männer aus "Momo") into my live and let them help me pay my rent and all the bills. I guess, I would start drawing awesome character designs and have way more time to practice my technique.

but honestly, I think, I would have no ideas anymore, what do draw. Therefore, I stay with uncontrollable moments of happiness, long days of being almost dead and a lot of time in my own corner of this world.

if one reads this over, one could think, i just turned 15. But I am already 21. There is this one quote from Dresden Dolls (Song: "Perfect Fit") that probably says all:

funny how that skipping years ahead
has held me back
funny what they give you when you
just learn how to ask

I am convinced there is nothing as dangerous for me, as those Grey people and nothing as important as being alive.

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