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gab muss sich nie um ihre Z?hne sorgen. wieso denn auch, sie sind alle sicher versiegelt worden.
misstrauisch ob einiger Schmerzen und den horrorgeschichten ihrer schwester schlich sie dann mal zu einem anderen arzt. die r?ntgenaufnahme zeigtE: die versiegelung ist rissig. seit einiger zeit. und unter einer versiegelung kann man nicht putzen...
bis ende april hat gab jetzt jede woche einen zahnarzttermin. w?hrend des abis. das is einfach... nicht... okay.

das riesenbild is fertig. bin zufrieden.

puzzle viel an der page, kann aber kaum was ernsthaftes tun.

morgen: Vortrag ?berblick ?ber die 60ger --> ML King, Op-, Popart und Deco-stil, LIteratur: Bourroughs, Kesey, Plath ^^, Nobelzeug: ML King, Sartre

wenigstens funzt das schreiben. hab wieder mal alte dateien ausgegraben. Mensch, was hat ich fr?her f?r eine kranke phantasie...

in der abizeitung wirds eine umfrage geben. zwei der Fragen: Wer hat als erstes eine Sekte gegr?ndet? Wer kommt als erstes in die Bildzeitung?... f?r unsere Schule kann ich die beiden Fragen sehr klar beantworten ^^. Aber so etwas h?ngt man nicht am obersten tor auf.
9.3.04 17:59

sittin and feeling everythought drawn out of the brain... draught...

always, when a bigger piece is finished. well. I redrew parts of the first page and finally lined out the new page... AND Im working on the title of chap 3...

though i should be occupied with other stuff right now.

like doing this stupid turtle-graph program on kochkurven. its just... retarded. well, w/o help I wouldnt be able to do this anyway.

i have these new pills... kind of pain-pills. they make me very dizzy and happy. strangely to feel good when pain arrives -- yeah! I leagally can take the pills again muaahahaha!


11.3.04 16:21

what a week.

what a ... weak.

i hat my first horror-appointment at the dentist\'s... she got her protector glasses, worked with a strange mechanic instrument (yes, this time I took the syringe) and i thought, my ears are going to burst...
She put down her instrument and asked me: "And it really didn\'T hurt before?"
Well, yeah... I felt kind of unconfortable, but... ><... after all... they\'re just teeth. There are things hurting way more...

well, my stupid art-project is nearly done... just need to get the binder.

the emptyness proceeds... I cant get it off... well, the new collab will change some of this... but I am not yet sure, whether i really dare to work together with her... she\'s a master of cg... and i am just a detail-freak.

Should go on with \'real\' art... but yet, twisted\'s also waiting...

And these applications


And why the frkn fck is the intneret THAT SLOW... they\'re downloading stupid stuff again... and I CANT EVEN SEE ANY...

whatever. its all gonna be away...

24.3.04 20:50

ich sitz grad neben jemandem im internetraum, der f?rchterlich stinkt. der jemand.


*l?d abi-03-matheaufgaben herunter*... that\'s not going to be a nice day.

where\'s all the time...

29.3.04 19:40

be ye screeeeewed!

my little violet book starts loosing pages - it is overused... you dont want to know, what I am constantly noting down in my violet book... its contents is rated R and seriously... the sound of "violet" has a certain resemblence to its contents...

right now, I feel like bursting. I know, it doesn\'t matter to fail one time math... its not THAT bad... but this time, it was a grade concerning my average and this FRKN TESTPAPER WAS HARD AS HELL... and I WAS SO STUPID to read it even harder. I hate my perception... I hate the way I read and think, sometimes to very much.

i know, that there are tons of things worse than that. LIke P.E, which I screwed up completely.

ach, damn...

this is a terrible day.

Doing the oscars in Pottery next lesson.... that will be a little bit relieving.

I just needet to say that.
30.3.04 14:35


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