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okay, now I just wanted to give some infos on WHY I chose Potsdam and HOW my... weird... bizarre... strange weekend in Hamburg was, but... I am scheucht away by a man, who really needs the internet now. But... hehee..


reminder for myself:

J. Privatparty
Stahlklang (Markthalle)
Shrek (ja, auch das)

EA Museum.

more later + photos (maybe)
4.7.04 15:14

Im sitting at (under construction).... well, at their bureau...

acutally, I should be at a medival market, selling expensive clothing, toy-weapons, indian merchandise, met or what-do-i-know to tourists...

I quit, I just lost patience, because I was just helping out and not really working. They had enough people and still called me for working there. This thurstday, I really should have started working, but I was too annoyed...
1) I was supposed to work for the organizer, but since he had enough people, I helped out at another stall, but they couldnt really pay me, so I earned 2,50 the hour. My boss at this stall was very friendly and I liked him, but standing 10hours behind some indie-merchandise-stall and selling nothing but one pair of really ugly shoes kind of demotivated me
2) 24:00 Gab desides to sleep
1:00 Gab still turns around, b/c the area next to ours, a cirus arrived and began unloading all the animals. yeah.
2: 00 the son of a military-cinema-owner (who had a VERY disturped opinion about cultural exchange and an internationally open mind) decided to terrorize the medival (still celebrating ... hum... what\'s today... the circus\' camels! Yeah! letz celebrate the camels!) people by riding his motorcicle... okeeeeyy...
3: 00 waking up again by VERY STRANGE noises... somebody WAS FREAKNIN PUKIN INFRONT OF MY TENT!!! 3:30 gab crawls out of her artistically packed sleeping-bag/cover/installation and looks out... this being-sick-person still hung out of his tent, trying to get rid of his meal... he drank too much... gabs about to be sick as well...
4:00 asleep again
5:20 person is sick again
7:00 neighbour-tent a little child is crying... again.
8:30 get up, pack stuff
9:15 starting to pack the tent (tent lived among spiders, ticks, ohrenkneifer, slugs, coquets, maggots, snails, earh-fleas....)
9:45 completely wet and pale, afraid and shaking Im done packing the tent... just 9 spiders... I was very, very afraid

there are so many stories to be told about my work there... but I am to tired to talk about that now, but it is very funny... but I\'ll draw some comix about it, when i have some spare time

now, Im sitting here and learning PHP, trying to re-organize the \'invisible\' part of TWistED (making it much easier for me to upload new stuff) with mort, who, actually, has to work right now...

Draco ( waits at home (at my parents) and tries to re-install windows at the old computer of my parents... the internet computer...

my goddess... this where... definately... 2 very strange weeks and... when im looking around this office, strangeness seems to be a very reliable part of my life

important memo: new adventure about to come: new adventure by makers of "Sam and Max" and other great adventures are working on a point-and-click-adventure about a vampiress, halloween and... spooky things. *cant find link*
27.7.04 13:14


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