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to ... whomever it concernes.

today, i had this moment again. It is like the sky opening up and suddenly a great idea burning itsself into my brains... i know now, how TwiSTieD is going to end - that makes it far more easy to work on it. and im looking forward to draw the end.. .but until then... there's endless work to do.

so, since the end of sebtembre i am student at the fhp (FH Potsdam), a University of applied sciences, and studying 'Kommunikationsdesing'. At the beginning, i was very discouraged, because I felt ... somewhat... wrong there. Living in boardings school for such a long time and stranding in a weirdo town for one year in the US... it didnt' create a 'natural' image of the human race in my mind. well, i think, there is no 'natural' place where to see the humans how they are. not in the yellow press, not in serious news or votes or whatever.

Germans seem to know a LOT about the us. A lot of us gerrys seem to know more about the US than about their own country or the US people about their country. We're so smart... if we WOULD we COULD turn the world into a better place, mh? We just... not today and... okay, that was ironic.

I am concentrating on Gamedesign right now + on large-scale-drawing, liberating the lines from the paper.

and i am 20 now.

but today, this magic moment... i was sitting at the s-bahn and listening to 'Kryptonite' by 3 doors down, which stef gave me once, and suddenly, there was this image of jaune and i just... knew.

10.11.04 21:27


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