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Here we go again.

I had 3 nightmares the last two days, but i just list, what i menage in 4 minutes, because i have to go off... to university.

1) There were houses with bleeding roofs. Everywhere i saw metal-tentacles and blades, that cut through every living being. in the end, we were enslaved and had to obey the machines. the first part was very bright with unnatural heavy clouds that had pink!! light-sabre-light lightenings... the seconnd part took place in an ancient castle, where we tried to corrupt the machines.

2) i was jogging. Together with a friend. we took a route through a very dark forest. Whenever I couldnt see anything, i heard something run next to me. that was scary as ... whatever. then i came innto a very light street with green leaves and my friend fell to the floor, because she screamed that she couldnt stand the light. i got help from a little fairy and a lotr-like elb to carry her to the counsil. afert some time, everything around her became innfected with dark creatures and shadows. the elb said: "i can see way more than you. its been like this for almost an hour". I wanted, that he would show me, what else i couldnt see, so he opened the bandaged skinn of my friend. her Unterkiefer fell on the floor and everywhere. absolutely everything constisted of maggots and worms and insects. i screamed and screamed and screamed. when i awoke, i was still shaking.

3) There was a giant sculpture under Riven(computergame)like water. the sculpture was very old and resembled one of the scary masks in the ethnological museum in b erlin. in my dream i had a vision, how it was made. the artist had to scratch his eyes out for 'seeing int to the depth'.

i need to quit. lessons staring.
13.5.05 09:54


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