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fighting the fog

If i try to smell rain on a warm day, i have the feeling, that i can't take as deep a breath as i want to. Sometimes, goosebumps are not enough and the corners of the eyes feel too warm, when witnessing something beautiful. I dont want them to get blurry.

i want the time to make the street my cathedral. I dont need a louder voice and i don't need a better vision, i just want the time to find the right words. I want to see more colors but i dont want to hear more noise.
maybe I have all that time but am not able to organize it. this word makes me itch inside. it takes the color out of a lot of wishes.

I am gratefull for all the secrets i can keep. It makes me feel ritcher. I am gratefull for not having fallen that far. I am gratefull for the people that pick me up even though I dont ask them even their name. Some small goods are too marvellous to expect. And some evils are too present to decide on where to build my cathedral.

Why is that kind of beauty I love making me sad...

There is a tower in front of this window that has green light in his windows. I never want to find out why, because it tells me nearly everytime a different story.

- i had a dream where i tried to fight the ultimate evil with nothing but fog. but i guess, a different kind of fog stops me from taking deep breaths
25.4.06 23:33


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