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turbine failure

imagine the plane slowly going down, not tumbling. It is not a nice feeling, because you are enclosed in tons of metal and you're not on your own. even though everybody else is panicking, there is no sound except for the turbine that roares hollow and far, far away. like a medieval mechanical sky-dome enclosing your world. But instead of crashing into the ground - the ground moves away and you will fall forever. The plane will vanish, the other people, the light and the dirt - all goes away, but you're still not in a soothing free fall, because even though you can't see anything, you fall in an enclosed space. You fall in your head.
somewhen you don't even realize anymore, that you're still falling. there is just the noise that grows and becomes holy. its the only thing to believe in, the only real thing. Its the only physical thing.
This sound doesnt have a reason, it doesnt explain anything. But for it being there, you're still alive.

I think, in the end, you will vanish as well. But that just an hypothesis.

I don't think, a lot of people ever touch the ground. When was the point of the plane to descent? Now I believe, it is way more important to figure out, when the plane left the ground and that is almost funny.
4.9.06 21:20

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numarul noua (29.9.06 12:07)
Upon stumbling across the first lines you wrote, I thought you were talking about planes. Nasty little things, would a friend of mine say. But I myself love the feeling of free fall and 3D-maneuvers, it gives me a very excitening sort of nausea. Thats why I love flying. Every time I'm on holiday I look forward to taking off and landing - obviously dissapointed it is going to be over so quickly. And in between, there's the clouds... *gazes dreamily at the toilet ceiling*

Well, that was my line until I read further on and that horrible description of yours cast its claws into my imagination, spreading dread like lovesick bunnies. You really have a thing with horror stories. Why, thank you. I've been reminded of both my most unpleasant and pleasant dreams. Why pleasant? Because, as I mentioned earlier, I love flying. ...So why unpleasant?
I think every human has some sort of innate, instinctual fears, that he or she can't get rid of. And while falling through darkness and being bound to nothing is a very pleasurable form of liberty to me, clamped with dread, constriction and an unexplainable fear it is not a very nice thing to encounter, no sir!
And I've encountered it several times in my dreams, waking up soked and thinking both "WHOA!" and "HOLY SHIT!", then having to wait until my heart calms down.

Recently I induce such (half-)dreams myself, for it's a good method to reach a trance state of being. At least thats what several websites whispered to me. And for that, you have to reach the ground, or if no such thing exists, at least the deepest point possible, at which your fall supposedly stops and the alpha-waves kick in.

If your story was a bit more metaphorical than I could gasp, sorry to have bothered you.

zä noua

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